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Life is really hectic and fun and new right now, and I had some computer problems, so I'm still struggling to get everything set up and caught up. I promise I'll talk about that later, when I have more time. But right now, I am here with three requests.

One, if you would like a holiday card from me, please leave your name and address in a comment. (All comments will be screened and then deleted once I grab the address.) I know I never managed to send cards during law school, but my roommate and I have both set a goal to send cards this year, and I know we'll encourage each other until it's done. (We are actually right now making and wrapping gifts. Because we are awesome.) I send non-religious cards, frequently something shiny and glittery. I don't think I'm making any cards this year, but maybe. And for many of you, I have cards from previous years, so those will go too.

Two, if you have a similar request post, please leave me a link. I haven't read my flist completely in weeks and I know I'm missing things.

Three, if there is something going on in your life you want me to know, please leave me a comment either with an update or with a link to the post where you talked about it.
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