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I keep referencing this list, but hadn't posted it anywhere, though I have posted pieces of it as I add them. Because of [profile] abenn's encouragement, I am posting it now and will keep it at the top of my LJ for future reference.

Suggestions always welcome, by the way.

Life To Do List

- Graduate from law school.
- Be admitted to the Missouri bar.
- Be debt free.
- Publish a YA novel with a major commercial publisher.
- Publish a YA novel with Sarah.
- Publish a SFF novel with Sarah.
- Publish a paranormal romance novel with a major commercial publisher (under the paranormal romance pseudonym).
- Publish a collection of short stories.
- Publish a poetry collection.
- Write the SECRET PROJECT with Robyn.
- Skydive.
- Join a really awesome writing/critique group.
- Compete in an amateur boxing match.
- Own another horse and learn to ride hunt seat. (As opposed to my last horse, which I rode western.)
- Move to Hawaii.
- Move to Santa Cruz, California.
- Paint an ocean sunset scene on a large canvas.
- Support my parents dad financially.
- Get a dog. (Izzy, July 25, 2013: Livejournal | Dreamwidth)
- Ride a motorcycle or trike to Alaska.
- Get waves tattooed on my ankle.
- USA perimeter motorcycle ride.
- Historic route 66 motorcycle ride.
- Visit England.
- Visit New Zealand.
- Visit the Waitomo Glow Worm Caves.
- Visit South Africa.
- Visit Germany (and maybe look up Mom's and Dad's families).
- Visit Greece.
- Visit Italy.
- Learn to skate and join a roller derby team.
- Own a boat.
- See Sarah publish a novel.
- See Sammy publish a novel.
- See Karen publish a novel.
- See Robyn publish a novel.
- See Marianne publish a novel.
- Learn to surf well.
- Learn to play the bass guitar well.
- Bench 150 pounds.
- Be a Storyteller/DM for a regular gaming group.
- Find or create a queer color guard like the Flaggots.
- Ride in a Pride parade with Dykes on Bikes.
- Watch a naturalization ceremony.
- Learn to drive a manual transmission.
- Own a "silver black phantom bike" and ride it a lot.
- Get the night sky and quote tattoo. (October 2016)
- Get SCUBA certified.
- Get the matching tree 402 tattoo with Sarah.
- Buy red leather living room furniture. (August 6, 2013)
- Buy black bookcases. (September 2012)
- Start vlogging.
- Santa Cruz 2017 Lost Boys 30th Anniversary trip.
- Write every day for 365 days.
- Las Vegas 2014 Sarah and Craig's Wedding trip.
- Wiscon 40 Interrobangers reunion
- Island holiday with Sarah and Craig
- Horseback riding in Dartmoor

No Longer Active Goals
- Be admitted to the Kansas bar.
- Be admitted to the Washington, D.C. bar.
- Visit Australia.

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