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High: No high this month. I'm struggling a lot with my solo writing (it feels like I've forgotten how to write a book on my own, how to outline a story, even), and due to a number of things, Sarah and I didn't do nearly enough cowriting. It's frustrating and disheartening.

Low: Yeah. Also, great things are happening for the members of my writing group, and I am trying to deal with my envy. I hate that, because I love them and they are awesome and deserve wonderful things, and yet, still, I feel very much like a failure in pretty much all areas of my life right now. So that sucks.


High: I absolutely loved SHADOW CABINET by Maureen Johnson, the third book in her Shades of London series. LOVED IT. Ghosts and murder and mysteries and secrets, tell me more tell me more.

Low: After reading a ton in January and February, I slowed down a lot in March. This is mostly because I struggled with everything in March; the joys of bipolar disorder, let me show you them.


New category!

High: I finally listened to the Ryback episode of Talk is Jericho. I first started liking Ryback during his storyline with Heyman not too long ago, where it was basically a romance between them, and I loved it so hard. Since then, he's just been ridiculous and wonderful and over-the-top; he's the Big Guy, his chant is FEED ME MORE, and I just cheer every time I see him.

And then I listened to this podcast, and my adoration was complete. He talks about being fired, feeling like a failure, life falling apart, and how he came back from that; he talks about vision boards and positive thinking and making goals; he talks about highs and lows. Not only did this cement how delightful I find him, but it was something I really needed to hear right now. I've never been so glad I decided to start way back at the beginning of the Jericho podcast and listen all the way through.

Low: I am struggling (word of the month, apparently) to find time to listen to podcasts, and that makes me feel guilty, even though there is LITERALLY NO REASON FOR THAT GUILT. So that's been fun. Stupid brain.


High: Usos + Naomi being my favorite wrestling family. Naomi getting to be a part of the Flying Usos at Wrestlemania 31. Individual wrestlers being a delight.

Low: I still feel incredibly disconnected with and uninterested in most of the WWE storylines right now.


High: Sister-in-law and I went to see Special 20 at a semi-local bar last weekend, and it was a fantastic show. I love local bands, these guys were fun to watch and sounded great, and they had a couple Johnny Cash covers that blew my mind.

Low: There was a weird moment of concern trolling as we were leaving the bar, from a complete stranger. There will be an essay about this later, so more then.

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