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Last week I posted a Sims 3 ISBI legacy over on LJ. More updates will come, but as I was playing earlier, I realized I could hear a horse frantically whinnying over and over, but when I went looking, I couldn't find the horse. A couple days ago, I expanded the house I'm using for the legacy, and I think, somehow, a horse got trapped inside it while I was in building mode, but now I can't find it to get rid of it.

There is an invisible horse haunting my Sims, and I am cracking up about it.

(Though I'll be pretty unhappy if I have to move them to a new lot. I just finished all sorts of changes to this house!)

Date: 2016-02-27 01:24 am (UTC)
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This is a crack up! I play with the sound off, mostly, so I would never know if there was an invisible horse haunting my sims. Maybe I should check it out.

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