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Living a Life I Don't Know How to Live

(But Someday I'll Learn)

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In short: Feminist bipolar biker writer and lawyer.

The rest of this bio in progress. If I've given you access, you can take a look at this About Me post, which is also in progress.

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adam rodriguez, anna cipriani, anna/adam, anna/jez, anna/taz, beautiful manipulators, being a pirate, being queer, big roomy zoos, black and white photography, blue and purple things, books banned or not, breaking glass, cabell's mix cds, carousel horses, chasing storms, cheesy horror movies, childhood stories, cipriani death match, collecting quotes, dangerous poetry, dark is the night, dee/fire, drinking beer, drinking tea with friends, eddie izzard, epic adventures, fanart for my stories, gay parents, go west young woman, gray fur sharp fangs, great gusts of wind, helping other writers, horror stories, independent bookstores, interesting picture frames, international friendships, israel "izzy" kamakawiwo'ole, jacob's photography, jez sinclair, law school adventures, legal research, lexi valerio, lexi/jaz, lighting candles, lilo & stitch, lust for my characters, lycanthropes in stories, making user icons, meat loaf's rock operas, medieval reenactments, men and women, michigan football, missing performing, modern horror stories, motorcycles, musical snow globes, my curly hair, my extended families, my hawaii family, my san diego family, mythological research, north shore photoshoots, photo manipulation, photoshop not psp, preternatural adventure stories, protecting myself, reading in gulps, really big snakes, really cunning plans, repurposed old books, returning to barcelona, returning to california, returning to hawaii, rewriting mythology, roaming larcenous telepaths, rock hard michelle rodriguez, sand between my fingers, sand between my toes, sarah's england, sarah's fiction, seeking adventures, sexonthebeach with real beach, shauna valerio, sire/childe 'ships, stories about monsters, strong women, sunset photography, supernatural adventure stories, swords and knives, tamora pierce, taryn "taz" mcdonald, tattoos, taz/victoria, the great wide open, to the sea to the sea, toes in the ocean face in the wind, traveling around the world, violent ana lucia, visiting my friends, watching the moon, wearing leather, werewolf movies, werewolves, werewolves and vampires and ghosts oh my, where water meets sky, wiscon with friends, woman as hero, writing at night, writing with sarah, writing with tracy
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