Date: 2016-06-06 04:07 am (UTC)
I can't believe I never saw this before, but then again, I typically read you on my flist. Granted, I was trying to respond to the comment you left me, and then ended up in this awesomeness.

This is an awesome way to track things! I've been putting stickie notes in my planner in order to try and see if I can accomplish things. Sneak tip? Nothing I wanted to accomplish in May got done. But May pretty much sucked.

I wanted to really respond to Number 1. I make bangin' sawmill gravy and I also make cheddar biscuits which apparently rival Red Lobster. I don't know why, but I felt like you needed to know this.

Side note, when you learn to use your sewing machine, could you come teach me how to use mine? I thought I should have one, so when my friend moved, she gave it to me. I took one sewing class where I think we make zippered pockets? And then I never did anything again. I seem to have moved onto Mod Podge, though, and that makes me feel like a badass.
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