Apr. 2nd, 2016

seeksadventure: (Blue Crush start again)

Previously on the Chaos Legacy: Brandon and Babs sailed through childhood and their teenage years, in a super tight race for heir. They spent nearly all their time together studying and playing as children, but the second they became teens and their magic kicked in, that’s pretty much all anyone wanted to do. Lots of family magic time in the Chaos house. I had no idea who would become heir, right up until Babs cast ice blast on Stiles and turned her father into a giant block of ice (he melted! And then had to clean up the puddles from his melt after he was no longer a block of ice!) and then read the werewolf book that Abby so loved in the very beginning of the legacy, and cinched the lead for herself. Despite self-wettings, pass-outs, and far too many burned meals, Brandon and Babs grew up well. Now Brandon has moved out on his own to pursue his dreams, and we’re off to university with Babs.

May god have mercy on our souls. S3 University is hard.

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