Apr. 17th, 2016

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Previously on the Chaos legacy: Babs finished the second half of university, where she reconnected with Anoki Moon (why he’s not a werewolf with that name, I do not know. Way to miss a great opportunity, Sims 3!) and they fell in love. After her heartbreak with Samantha Grey (who actually was a werewolf), it was nice how easily the relationship progressed with Anoki. (I particularly love them bowling together.) Pretty much everyone Babs had ever met turned up for graduation (except for Stiles, I realize, which – way to fail at being a Sims dad, Stiles!*), but Abby stole the show by streaking during the ceremony. Oh, Abby, former torch-holder, I love you so much! Babs moved back to the legacy house, and very quickly married Anoki and became pregnant with the first of generation three. (She was just as pukey during pregnancy as everything else, of course, and Babs by far holds the record of how many times I’ve ever seen a Sim throw up. Unfortunately. Neither of us enjoy it much.) The last update, and the generation two updates, ended with the birth of Cade, the first potential heir of generation three, who is excitable and athletic.

(*Definitely only a knock to Sim parenting. Real world parents have billions of reasons they might not be able to attend graduation. My mom was hospitalized right before I graduated from law school, and so not only could my parents not attend, even though they’d been planning their trip since the day I moved to Michigan to start school, but only one of my siblings was able to show up, with her husband and J along too. It was really disappointing, but I felt worse for my parents than I did for myself.)

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