Date: 2017-04-15 01:55 pm (UTC)
tigeranne: (Default)
From: [personal profile] tigeranne
For a completely randomized Sim, Red came out darn cute!

My biggest pet peeve with the Supernatural expansion pack is that zombies destroy gardens and plants during the full moon.

I had no idea Zombies vandalized your property. :( I would be so sad if my Sims' gardens got wrecked. Does putting big, tall fences around your vegetable patch help at all?

Poor Red! Her welcome wagon is almost as fantastic as one I had, where Grandmother Ottomas kept beating up an emo.

I think the EA designers' idea of "gothic" is basically "Disneyland haunted house."

Except in Moonlight Falls, Batman is probably an actual shapeshifting bat, so.

Vampire Batman? I feel a terrible fanfic existing in someone's mind...

I feel bad for people whose "imaginative" parents went and named them Gypsy. Like "Hi, my name's highly offensive, so please call me Jennifer, or something."

Is Hayley a supernatural? Her dress is quite something. (I feel the need for a conversion...)

Gnubb is the game where Sims are trying to knock over a row of wooden medieval kings with a stick. If you place it on a community lot, the same daft townies will be playing day and night for a week. x(

Oh no! The Zombie looks like someone I used to know as a kid! That's scary.

I hope Red has some more luck with her romancing next time!
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