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It's been awhile, and I should be asleep (but as usual, medicine induced insomnia + my natural sleep cycle means I'm awake; this whole insomnia + exhaustion as side effects of the same medicine thing sucks), but one of my goals is to get back to the things I love that make me me. And one of those things is blogging here.

I think I've forgotten how to keep this blog, though, so I'm taking prompts, questions, suggestions for topics, whatever. Ask away. I will respond.

(Still haven't forgotten about the 100 Things Blogging Challenge, but I'm waiting on some things from other people for the first post I wanted to do. I think I need to just post them out of order instead.)

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Saw a link to this posted by [ profile] bewize and was really intrigued. Now I'm looking for theme suggestions to post about (examples from that site: 100 Recipes I've Never Tried Before & Other Kitchen Disasters; 100 Cult TV Things; 100 Books I Have Loved). I'm thinking maybe 100 (Attempts at) Adventures, but definitely let me know if you have suggestions.

(Edited to Add: Excellent post with suggestions.)

Also, I hope some of you consider doing it. I think it will be fun, no matter how many posts actually get written.

{Take the 100 Things challenge!}

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I have been highly entertained by both [ profile] onceupon's and [ profile] karenhealey's questions posts, so I am going to combine the two.

Ask me anything! I will either tell you a truth or a lie. You can then guess which I'm telling.

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(Did you know that if you take allergy medicine on an empty stomach [and by empty, I mean I hadn't eaten or drank anything all day], you will end up passing out on the couch for approximately six hours? After being dizzy and nauseous? Learn from me, eat first!)

I am a list maker. Mostly I make To Do lists, daily lists and lifetime lists and everything in between, including To Read and To Watch and To Buy lists. The other day, [ profile] jenna_thorn posted about the opposite of a Bucket List (and she, in turn, was inspired by [ profile] celli's reverse bucket list), and I was intrigued by it.

Basically, the Reverse Bucket List is a list of things of awesome (cool, interesting, entertaining, fun, etc.) things you have already accomplished (as opposed to the things you want to do before you die). Part of the reason I'm so interested in this is that I turn thirty on my next birthday and I love milestone birthdays.

I am still working on my list, but I'm really curious about yours. What are the awesome things you've done? (Based on your definition of awesome, of course.)

Awesome Things (A Reverse Bucket List)(in progress)

+ Got my motorcycle license and rode some fantastic motorcycles
+ Planned and executed a wonderful 50th anniversary for my parents
+ Spent my childhood summers traveling across country with my father in his big truck
+ Earned a B.A. (with honors) in writing and publishing, the first person in my family to graduate from college
+ Worked the most amazing legal job ever in Redmond, Washington
+ Published book reviews, short stories, poetry, articles, and columns
+ Spent an amazing summer working as a live-in nanny in Ohio and California based on a last-minute whim
+ Hawaii, just everything I've ever done in Hawaii
+ Explored Barcelona with friends and no chaperons during high school
+ Edited hundreds of stories, mostly for friends and family, and got to read some of the most amazing writing ever
+ Talked writing and the creative process with one of my favorite actors and did not sound like an idiot
+ Participated in (and frequently started) guerrilla poetry performances
+ Rocked some major book signings and book releases while working at the bookstore (including a Clinton signing)

Show me your lists!
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In [ profile] linaelyn's journal itself, I found someone who could make me hungry with the descriptions of the food she's made, who makes homeschooling sound interesting and wonderful, who has at least one child who obsessively listens to Chumbawamba's "Tubthumping" which made me smile, who seems creative and friendly, a good parent, culturally aware, and a fantastic writer. I'm pleased that I had even this brief time to read about her life. It gave me hope, to see someone devoted to her family and yet still creative and involved with life and fandom and other adventures.

I'm not sure what I expected from the flist swap. It certainly wasn't to find someone with whom I had no friends or communities in common, but similar interests (and I don't actually mean livejournal interests), beliefs, and the same type of friends. I recognize the names of some of the people on her flist, and I not only wasn't lost, even in the fandom discussions, but I saw echoes of my own flist there, and topics I was interested in researching for myself. I found people to read and stories to write and beautiful icons and all sorts of treasures. I felt like a pirate, again, and an adventure seeker.

It was actually rather brilliant.


Has anyone seen Young Einstein? I'm talking to [ profile] kphoebe and when I told Jake where she was from, that's the first thing he thought about, followed by apples, and then Point Break. ("I'm not going to paddle to New Zealand.")


What is the best thing in the world? Helping someone get unstuck on a story. Well, it may not be the very best, but it certainly feels like it right this second, and I know it's comparable to other best feelings, at the very least. This is why I love writing, because it's not just the act itself that is so enjoyable, but helping other writers, as well.

And I am INSPIRATIONAL! IN CAPS! Which made me grin and be giddy, just so you know, [ profile] kphoebe.


Speaking about helping others, I'm not sure how many of you have [ profile] yuki_onna on your flist. She's doing a sort of fundraiser for moving expenses, with a percentage donated to tsunami relief funds, and is selling a serial novel, A Novel In Pieces. I've personally only read one short story by her, but it was an interesting vampire story, and her writing style is intriguing and, I think, heavily influenced by classical writing (in a good way, I know it can be a kiss of death to use that "heavily influenced" line in a review), and if you're so inclined, I wanted to provide a link so you can help. I may do it, if I can piece together the money.


Isn't it great the things that remind people of you? Kelly made me giggle when she said she was reminded of me and my love of carnage when the instructor at her training thing said "blood spray" (and, all right, that's not an inconceivable way to remember me, considering I do like to write bloody horror).

And then [ profile] lavenderjones made me happy and touched and teary when she said this:

A CHRISTMAS PICKLE!!! It was my first time seeing one, and my first time reading about one was recently in your story. I HAD to buy it! It is in a jar which is an ornament in itself, and then the pickle can sit in the jar, or on the tree alone. Every time I see it I'll be reminded of a woman with a talent for writing and the potential for greatness that most of us can only dream of.



Tonight MB, Blake, Jake, and I played pool and had dinner at the new El Torero's restaurant. Pool was fun, though we're all fairly horrid at the game. (Well, not horrid, but not pool sharks, definitely.) It was a nice, relaxing evening, and we all had a good time. I'm glad we're friends with MB and Blake, and glad that Jake and my friends finally get along. Maybe next time M'Lee will not have to work at an insane time (in fact, I think she's now been at work half an hour) and will be able to join us.

Bat, MB loves my scarf.

That reminds me, I still need to do a catch up post. Maybe tomorrow. I'm thinking about doing an information post, as well, and I know I should warn everyone that there will be many extra posts over the next week, as I try to write. My goal is 10,000 words a day, Sunday through Saturday, but I know that's ridiculous and will never happen. Still, no sense in not aiming high.

I also owe a number of people comments on stories, and fear not, that will come.

In fact, I need to go get to reading right now, before bed.
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What I learn from [ profile] linaelyn's flist and journal:

That I want [ profile] ciroccoj's reading list for one of her classes. She talks about her reading, and says: Right now I'm switching between reading about a "racializing on the net" (assumptions we all make that everybody is white/female, and how that affects/is affected by racism in RL) and an analysis of circumstances surrounding the death of Konerak Sinthasomphone at the hands of Jeffrey Dahmer. Then I've got readings on "passing" from black and Asian perspectives, then a comparison of the issues around mixed race and same-sex marriages. Quite a trip.

[ profile] verylisa talked about finding an interesting Harry Potter slash story, which didn't interest me in itself, but her comments about why she's not been reading in the fandom did. She said she was too old to be interested in the first fumbling sex experiments of teenagers, and it made a lot of sense to me, as did her comments about post-war stories and extrapolating what we know of the children into believable adults.

+ reading everyone else's recaps of what they've learned while swapping flists is highly interesting.

+ more people are doing the post-the-first-sentence-of-every-month meme than I ever expected. In fact, it's making me want to do it, too, even though it's become an everyone is doing it kind of thing, and I try not to follow the crowd all the time. Except that I'm doing this flist swap, and enjoying it very much, just like everyone else.

+ apparently, picking one's nose and eating what's inside is called mucophagy. I probably could have done without knowing that, but I do like having new words to use.

+ [ profile] blackwhiteicons is strangely entrancing, especially black and white icons that include ships and water.

+ [ profile] bookish has made me want to keep a list of the books I read this year, even though I've failed every other time I tried to do it.

+ [ profile] monkeypuzzle made me laugh with her comments about Drumline (which isn't a good movie but the drumming is fun and it made me miss marching, when I watched it a couple of years ago while we were in Hawaii) and her Jaws-inspired icon. Oh man, I love that icon.

+ [ profile] marquesate stuck herself in a Vermeer painting and it looked really neat. PSP is maybe not such a horrible program, though I'll stick with my beloved photoshop.

+ Also, though I've heard this from my flist, too, I'm apparently missing out because I don't use Lush products.

+ That Pirate Movie is still very popular on her flist.

+ From [ profile] arielladrake, did you know that:

Superintendent of schools for the Catholic diocese of Orange County has defended St John the Baptist School's decision to allow twin five year-old boys parented by two homosexual men, to be enrolled. A prominent conservative group has warned that the homosexual couple's children might try to brainwash their classmates about homosexuality.

The quote from the conservtive spokesperson stating that children raised in homosexual environments become "little homosexual voice boxes" had me blinking in a mix of confusion and disbelief for a while, but I loved the comment from the head of the G&L Community Centre regarding the 'gay agenda':
"I wish someone would give me my copy because I have never seen it" *grin*

Keya, I though you'd be interested in that, sis.

+ There are weird people who like snow. I knew this, but I'm still disturbed.

+ Did you know there is a site for fandom cross-stitch patterns? The things I learn.

+ In my comic reading, I tend to stick to Marvel, but there are some interesting storylines going on in DC comics, apparently. I may have to start reading and see what I can find out. Also, scans of comics are intriguing yet frustrating, because I only get part of the story, and I want more, no matter whether I read it or not.

+ There is an interesting conversation going on here in [ profile] fabu's journal, about reading between the lines of your flist and determining gender and appearance from what you read in your flist entries.

+ [ profile] linaelyn is too cool. She plays Munchkin! MUNCHKIN! Which reminds me, I need to run over to MB and Blake's sometime this week and beg for a game. Maybe M'Lee can join us, too. I think she'd like it. What a wonderful, wonderful game. I want the horror-based one, myself. Oooh, and we need to play that pirate game that we all got pieces for in our stockings.

+ Job hunting is rough no matter where you're doing it.

+ Losing writing is a horrible, painful thing, and no writer should feel that he or she shouldn't mourn its passing.

+ [ profile] bear is a 3L and now I'm reading through the journal because I've become close to addicted to the journals of law students. I suppose it is an attempt to prepare myself for the coming three years.

+ There's a google for your desktop?

+ I had to go to skip 120 to find one Lost mention. What is up with that? Hee hee hee.

+ [ profile] commonreader said strong, interesting things about pro-choice versus pro-life and why people are called the mushy middle, etc. etc. I should put that in the memories, because some of it I'd like to refer back to the next time I write about it.

+ I refuse to do the mapquest meme until I know where I'm going to law school. And then maybe that's how I'll tell everyone my final decision. Should be miles and miles away from where my parents currently live, which is actually a sad thing, because I will miss my family.

+ [ profile] gryphons_lair has a really interesting post about the Swann family from That Pirate Movie and what kind of connections they may or may not have had, and I enjoyed reading it.

+ I like parents and children a lot more on livejournal than I do in real life. That's not entirely correct, though. I think what I mean is that I find better parents through my flist and other connections than I do in real life, and so I'm not disgusted by how they and their children act. In fact, though I still don't want any of my own, I can appreciate the work some people do to take care of their kids, and applaud their actions. (Of course, this doesn't mean that I don't know any good parents in real life. There are a handful of people.)

+ I still very much want to move to England for awhile. Mostly, of course, to be near [ profile] thestalkycop, but partly because everyone but one person has such great tales to tell about living there.

+ I need to back up my journal. I'm not too upset about livejournal being bought out, but I'm also very paranoid, and it's just a good idea to back it up, no matter what happens. Because I would be very upset to lose all these years of entries. This has been my first successful attempt to keep a journal. Ever.

+ I want to fence. Possibly while living in England. My desires, they are simple.

+ There is a really interesting post here by [ profile] guede_mazaka about character-driven stories versus plot-driver stories and I really want to expand on that later, because of all the writing I've done (though not today, but tomorrow starts the writing in earnest).

Now I must get ready to go to MB and Blake's. We may even go play pool for awhile. (Oh, our daring!) Probably Jake and MB will play chess and Blake and I will either rant about work or talk gaming talk, because he is an evil GM and deserves to be hated. Except for the fact that he's so good at what he does, so I can't hate him.

But I've really enjoyed the flist switch, and though I only made it to skip 240, I will read more when I get back, and more of [ profile] linaelyn's journal itself. I'm pleased with what I've found, and I think I'm going to add people to my own flist, because it was all very interesting. Yay for a fun experience at something new.
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Just to let everyone know, [ profile] linaelyn and I are doing the flist swap, so if you don't know her, and suddenly see comments, that's why. I'm actually very excited about this, and am off to read her journal and flist in between writing sessions.

Because, have I mentioned, my vacation started last night at 10:40 p.m.? Finally.

ETA: If you haven't seen the swap, this is a link to [ profile] circe_tigana's post about it.
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I was reading back through some older entries, and I stumbled onto this entry, in which I presented the first line of ten of my favorite books. And I enjoyed reading back over the list so much that I thought I'd do it for another ten of my favorite books. I could probably do this every week for the rest of my life, and not run out of books, but that's beside the point.

So, without further ado:

The First Lines or Paragraphs From Ten Of My Favorite Books )
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First, I just wanted to say that my friends are absolutely wonderful people. Thank you so much for your comments; I will be replying to each of you as soon as possible.

Second, I've had a very good day. Calm and quiet, but good. Finally figured out my topic for my anthropology project (used book stores, for those who were curious, and why people own them/shop at them), got it approved, and my lit. class was canceled, so Tonya and I sat around outside and had a nice long talk instead. Then I came home, had a yummy lunch, and watched XXX with Jake while editing poetry. Good stuff.

Third, I give up. The urge is too strong. I must join in and do the First Lines From 10 Favorite Books meme. I have to.

First Lines/Paragraphs From 10 Favorite Books )

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