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I accidentally deleted my entire inbox here instead of just the messages I had selected, so if you left me a comment or sent me a message, I have not yet responded, and it is important, please let me know again! (All my notifications about who has followed me are gone too, but I think I was up to date on those. I'll keep an eye out, though.)
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LJ vs DW

There's another big move of people from LJ to Dreamwidth. I won't be deleting my LJ account ([ profile] carlamlee is a permanent account, and I have not ever regretted buying it when I did; I've been on LJ since 2001), but I do have a DW account as well (as you can probably tell since I crosspost, but I wanted to make it very clear). You can find me on DW as [personal profile] seeksadventure, and going forward, I will post everything there that I would have posted here. (In recent years, the only thing I haven't cross-posted were the Sims legacy posts, because of some complications with the picture hosting, but I will be cross-posting those as well going forward.)

What I am doing is adding people on DW as they move, and unsubscribing from LJ anyone who I've followed on DW. I'm also debating about whether I will cross-post any locked posts going forward; I don't want to stop, because some of you remain on LJ, and you are important to me.

Sims Update

Speaking of the Sims, as I tried to find my place in the Chaos legacy again, my Sims games crashed. And kept crashing, no matter what custom content I removed or what caches I emptied. So I completely wiped them and reinstalled the game and all the expansion packs I have. Theoretically, I will be able to continue to access the Chaos legacy file, but that has so far not actually worked, but I will keep trying. In the meantime, I have started a shorter legacy to get back into the swing of writing them, and I won't play ahead of where I'm writing, so there will actually be heir polls and the like. First part of that will be coming soon.
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Elsewhere, I did a December blogging meme, where people left prompts (and sometimes days on which to talk about said prompts) and I blogged about them, sometimes in just a paragraph, sometimes at great length. And inspired by [ profile] das_hydra, who is doing this in January, I thought I'd open up this blog for prompts, too. I'm not sure if I'll limit it to just January, though blogging a lot leading into my birthday could be fun, but if there are things you'd like me to blog about in 2015, feel free to leave a comment and I'll write something about that topic.
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So my awesome Dad is looking for a black quilted welding cap in size 7 1/4. (Here it is.) That's an odd size and so far we've only found them available online to order a dozen at a time. Apparently they don't sell the quilted ones this far south. If anyone up north can hit a farm supply store or something and find me one, I can send you the money and we'd really appreciate it. Let me know.

(Yeah, I wish he'd mentioned this before I left Michigan. His plan was to check all the stores on our way to Alaska, but obviously that got cut short.)

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Jake and I watched an episode of "City Homicide" the other day, which is an Australian drama series about a homicide floor of a metropolitan police headquarters.

At one point, one of the detectives said, "You can bet your fine cotton socks" that we'll catch the killer.

I am intrigued and would like more information on this slang. We compared it to things like "you can bet your bottom dollar" and "you can bet your mama's life," which are phrases we can better break down, but not so much this.

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So a friend of mine (my sister's partner) is looking for work. He's a registered technologist in radiology and he and my sister are fairly flexible as to where they will go. He's looking for an x-ray tech position, from what I've figured out, though I'm not supposed to call him a tech since he's actually registered, but I'm not up on the x-ray tech lingo.

Anyone know of any leads?
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No, no, I am not planning a wedding. You haven't missed any big announcement. I was talking to [ profile] cabell about her wedding planning and during the course of the conversation, I was struck by the idea that people seem to be very willing to (negatively) critique other people's wedding plans, more so than a lot of things(1), and I'd like to figure out why.

Cabell and I mused on this for awhile, and I like the theory (or theories) we ended up with, but I'd like your thoughts, too, since a lot of you have more experience with these things than I do.

I will share an excerpt from our discussion:

Cabell: I think the problem is I keep telling people things I plan to do. Clearly that is a mistake.
Carla: Yes, I am starting to think so. Though understandable! I mean, you're excited! You want to share! That's a good thing. It seems a lot of times, people are more willing to negatively critique wedding plans than other things, too.
Cabell: Yeah, I think you're right. The problem is when I say I'm going to do anything that has a traditional history. Like, when I say "I'm getting married in the desert in a red dress," THAT'S fine and no one can argue with me because there's no precedent. But as soon as I do anything that anyone ever did before, everyone has an extremely strong opinion.
Carla: While normally I support people sharing opinions with their friends, etc., I do think that for something so personal as a wedding, there should be some filters in place. Though maybe that's part of the problem; I don't know that weddings are actually seen as a personal thing anymore.
More of a public space.

So what do you guys think? Are weddings treated more as a public space than a personal event? As in, they're less for the couple getting married and more for everyone else? I'm intrigued by this, but would like to hear other thoughts.

(1) Raising children is a similar exception, I think, though I can't speak about it from experience, either.
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My mom says that she remembers me blogging about this arts and crafts link which included carved werewolf pumpkins for sale and other Halloween type stuff for sale. (This may have been an Etsy site and the pumpkins may have been fake.)

I vaguely remember seeing something like this, but for the life of me, can't figure out where it was or where I blogged about it.


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