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It's that time of the year again, when I start avoiding advertisements because they're all so focused on Mother's Day in the US. To be honest, this is not the worst time of year for me (that essay I wrote a few years ago, "How to Survive Thanksgiving When Your Family Keeps Dying in the Fall," is still true), but it's not the greatest, either.

This morning, Facebook reminded me that six years ago today, I was called home because Mom went in for emergency surgery and no one thought she would survive it. That was not the first time I was called home, nor the last, but it was probably the worst. I was in Michigan, I was literally in the middle of a take-home final, and I couldn't afford a last minute flight, so I had a 10 hour drive ahead of me before I could be there in person. Mom didn't die at that point, but she was sick enough that neither she nor Dad made it to graduation, even though they'd been looking forward to it from pretty much the moment I moved to Michigan for law school.

Thanks for the memories, Facebook!

Two other times I was called home stand out. One was in either 2005 or 2006, and I wasn't so much called home, because I'd already moved back to my hometown to be closer to my family, but called out of work to the hospital a couple hours away where she was receiving special treatment. Pretty much all the siblings came home for that. We took over a section of the ICU waiting room (we are legion), said our good-byes, and waited. It was terrible. It was, perhaps surprisingly, wonderful, too. We don't get a lot of time to be all together like that, even back then, and sitting and waiting gave us a lot of time to talk. My sister, Kris, tried to teach us to knit. My youngest brother renamed "knit" and "purl" to "neal" and "diamond." I failed miserably at everything about knitting. Youngest brother turned out to be a fast learned. We sat, and we talked, and we brought in food, and we were together. It was terrible. It was wonderful.

Mom lived.

The other time that stands out is in 2012. I was called home, had to leave work in the middle of the day. I was working on office action responses for a trademark client. I'd been called home so many times I didn't even pack funeral clothes, just threw a pair of jeans into the car and a couple shirts. Figured I'd be back at work by Monday. It's just about a four hour drive between Kansas City and my hometown. I did it in less than three. I avoided the interstate, took roads that twisted and curved and forced me to pay attention to my driving, didn't give me much time to think. I made it home. Not everyone did. Mom's birthday was the week before. She'd been at home for it. Had a steak dinner with Dad. I went home. She was unconscious. I went home, held my father's hand. She couldn't hear us. I went home, listened hard, caught her last breath. I went home. It was terrible.

Mom died.
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Fashion, Identity: Our First Role Model at Shybiker

My mother was not really my first fashion role model, but that's mostly because I didn't (and still don't) have much thought for fashion beyond function most of the time, and while I have worked to develop a bit of a fashion sense as an adult (mostly by relying on my younger sister and some dear friends to help), I really didn't give a shit as a kid. Mom never taught me to wear makeup or do my hair because I didn't care about those things.

But I remember how carefully she would dress herself for church, how she would sit and brush my long, straight hair for what felt like hours (I didn't get my riotous curls until I hit puberty), how she would apply make-up when we traveled together, how important it was for her to dress nicely. I know a lot of that came from growing up a woman when she did, being terribly shy, and growing up so desperately poor; new clothes, make-up, the money for a perm, those were things she could use to gird herself against the world.

I'm adopted. I didn't grow up seeing myself in my mother. This rang true to me still, in so many ways.

I really love Shybiker's blog, and have for a long time now.

For most of us, our mothers are our first role model. For everything including fashion. Was that the case for you?

It was for me -- which was hard 'cause I was considered a boy. Everyone, including my mother, discouraged me from emulating her. But I tried. And tried.

Eventually I realized that path was closed; I wasn't allowed to be openly like her. I did, however, pretend to be a girl in the privacy of my bathroom; I used a bath-towel as a makeshift skirt.

Lately, as I've been re-claiming a female-identity, I find connections to my mother that are surprising. For example, I vividly remember how my mother's arms had freckles. Lots and lots of freckles. I thought that was unusual -- until I started shaving hair off my arms and was shocked to see that I too have freckles on my arms. I never saw them under the hair. I suspect I have many genetic similarities with my mom.
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So my younger sister and her husband had their social wedding last weekend (they actually got legally married last summer), and I will talk about this more later, when I have pictures, but it's been awhile since I posted (anything at all, dude) something hilarious(1) | heartbreakingly sweet(2) | adorable(3) | full of the need for adventure(4) about my parents, so I thought I would do so quickly.

In case you don't know, my mom is very sick, and has been since the early 2000s (well, her symptoms really started manifesting then). When she first started seeing a doctor, they gave her basically no time at all, and yet she's still here. It's been this horrible roller coaster combination of will she live/will she die and slowly watching her die and her wanting to die and her not wanting to die and her being hospitalized and watching her broken body and her going into the hospital right before graduation and right before the bar exam and my siblings and me breaking down at different times and making plans for after her death for over a decade now, and it is hard.

Back in 2005, Mom and Dad had their 50th wedding anniversary, and my siblings and I gave them a second wedding, because they really didn't have one when they actually got married. Mom was strong enough then to walk down the aisle and dance a little, but not a lot. She's gone very far downhill since, and when she leaves the house, has to go in a wheelchair. (She doesn't walk much around the house, either.)

That may be the last time I've seen them dance; they used to dance a lot. They were good. They used to dance around the kitchen together, and put on music and dance in the living room, and Dad used to play the guitar and sing to her, to us all. (He's lost the dexterity and feeling in his fingers to do that now. Mom has, too; she used to play bass, and was learning violin. No more, though.)

I didn't cry during the ceremony, but I got a little bright eyed during the first dance, because you guys, my brother in law just makes her so happy, and she's my beloved baby sister, the Sam to my Dean, and it took us so long to be friends, and I just want such wonderful things for her. So a little bright eyed, but no actual tears, and I'm beaming at them while they dance, even though I normally find the first dance incredibly boring.

Then they invite everyone to join them. My dad starts to push Mom's wheelchair onto the dance floor, and okay, it's getting a little hard to see now, something's in my eye, maybe I should own waterproof mascara after all (but I never need it). Then Mom stops him, and slowly, so achingly slowly, stands up, holding his hands once she gets herself upright, and they walk out onto the dance floor together, and I am done. I started crying so hard I was pretty sure I was going to lose a contact, even though I couldn't stop grinning too. And they didn't dance they way they used to, all slick fun dance steps, but they held each other and they turned, and I was crying even when I got asked to dance (Me: Make-up? Jake: Little smeared. Me: Oh god, and it took forever).

My parents got up and danced together at my sister's wedding, nearly fifty-seven years after they got married, and I got to see it.

(1) See, also, this conversation:

Dad: You should write a story about warewolfes (which is basically how he pronounces it) bears. Bears like warewolfes. And moose! Vampire moose.
Jake: Vampire moose? Do they gore you instead of bite you and then lick the blood from the wounds?
Dad: Yes. Write this story for kids. A bedtime story.
Jake: That kid will never sleep again.
Carla: And mom wonders why I love horror.

(2) See, also, excerpts from things Mom and Dad wrote about me for law school graduation:

Mom and Dad put together one of those family ads for graduates. I thought I'd share the pictures with you guys. And an excerpt from their blurbs.

Dad: Carla is constantly seeking. Even as a 2 year old it was always “Tell me more, Daddy, tell me more.” . . . She has made any dreams I might have had come true. I didn’t get much formal education. But Carla has done it for me. She is my adventure child.

(Dude, could my user name be any more appropriate? My heart just grew ten sizes today.)

Mom: I taught her that books were adventurous and fun even before she could walk (as soon as she could pull them off the shelf.) I read to her every night even after she could read them herself. Being able to read is the foundation for all other learning.

(3) See, also, this picture of my dad in a St. Pat's parade: Link to a picture where my dad has the best grin.

(4) See, also, that time Dad made me want to clutch my laptop to my chest, I needed to hear what he had to say so badly: "[W]e will take off in some direction and ride til sundown . . . just a ride with nowhere in particular in mind as a destination. Just a ride to burn up gas, see things and accomplish nothing but have fun."

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Happy anniversary to my parents, married fifty-six years.

Happy anniversary to me, practicing law for one whole year.

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I keep reading Follow Friday posts on Saturday and meaning to write one up for the next Friday, but then I never do. And I noticed again today that a lot of the people on my reading list also read each other, because I keep seeing the same links posted all over, but not everyone is reading the same people I am, I know. So I thought, for Follow Friday, I'd link to the blogs I read which have links and posts that make me think, make me mad, make me sad, etc. Topics cover all sorts of things, including racism, sexism, sizeism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, politics, etc.

These are in alphabetical order based on the first user name I knew. Where I knew a second user name off the top of my head, I included it as well. If I have a name wrong, or if you don't want the two names linked, please let me know. I think I only linked ones that are obviously linked, but I could be wrong. Also, I tried to only list names where a significant portion of links and analysis are posted publicly.

These are a few of the many blogs I read and recommend to you.

AngryBlackBitch (I don't know how to make the little feed tag, like the user names, so instead for the ones I read on a feed, I'm linking straight to the site. Also, I started reading ABB when I left Missouri, to keep up on Missouri politics before I returned, but there is so much more than that here. In case you don't care about Missouri politics.)
[ profile] asim
[ profile] badgerbag
[ profile] coffeeandink | [ profile] coffeeandink
[ profile] delux_vivens
[ profile] fiction_theory
[ profile] fox1013 | [ profile] fox1013
[ profile] glass_icarus
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Marci Sischo
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[ profile] naamah_darling
[ profile] onceupon | [ profile] onceupon
[ profile] sanguinity | [ profile] sanguinity
[ profile] troubleinchina | [ profile] trouble
[ profile] upstart_crow
[ profile] vito_excalibur | [ profile] vito_excalibur
[ profile] yeloson
[ profile] yuki_onna

There you go, a number of blogs I think you should read.

ETA: Mom was just telling me about the variety shows she used to watch when tv was a new thing and she remembers Elvis in the beginning. My parents have seen so much in their lives.

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Last night, I had a horrid dream in which I had to return to Michigan and move my stuff again. That was unpleasant.

Today, after changing the dressing on Mom's wound(1), I was teasing her about me being Dr. Lee, just like Dad does(2), and then it suddenly dawned on me, dude, I actually have a degree with the word doctor in it. Despite August being almost over, this summer has been so full of stress and things that it still hasn't really set in that I graduated with a J.D.

Still doesn't feel real.

(1) Let me tell you how good it is that I went to law school instead of med school, oh my god. I actually enjoy the process for Mom, because it is very precise and interesting, but I would not do this for just anyone, no.

(2) I am so my father's daughter. This summer has just driven that home even more.

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So I was prepping a story for submission to an anthology, due a few days ago, but with Mom and the bar, I didn't get it done. It's a publisher I'd worked with before, and the editor knew I planned to submit (and had my synopsis already), so I sent a quick email just to give her the heads up that I wouldn't be submitting. She not only offered me an extension, but when I let her know when I thought I could have it done, said I could have more time than that if I needed, just to keep her updated.

I didn't expect that. I have a mental block against asking for extensions. Frequently, I just don't think about it; if the deadline is Day A, I'll get whatever it is done by Day A. I have a hard time asking for help, too. If things need to be done, I find some way to do it.

It was really hard for me to ask for an extension on my finals this semester, when I needed to get to Mom's side to say good-bye just in case. I am trying to be better about asking for help when I need it -- I did ask for the extension, after all -- but my first thought is not to reach out. I think I get this from my father, because I am watching him learn to reach out to the family for help, too.

I'm on my lunch break, so I'd better get some writing done and then get back to bar prep.
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During dinner tonight, Mom said she told her nurse about the schedule I worked out with Dad and two of my sisters, so Mom is never alone during mealtime. The nurse thought this was just the sweetest, most clever thing ever. I was surprised that she was so touched and amazed by it.

A) Mom needs help. Dad can't do it all, nor should he do it all. Therefore my siblings and I pitch in. This is what our family does, and it doesn't feel like anything special.

B) Organizing the schedule of meals was the easiest thing I've done this week. It's simple and logical and the best way to keep track of who needs to be where when. (I plugged everything into my calendar, too, of course, and get an email update each morning reminding me what I need to do and who is with Mom when, even though I also have the schedule memorized.) I don't understand why it's such a clever thing to do.

In other news, we're having gorgeous lightning, thunderstorms, potential flooding, and tornadoes. I am actually mostly thrilled by this. I've been saying for three years that I missed good old Midwest storms and I really have.

Stress level: HIGH. I almost bit off Jake's head when he asked how my bar studying went today. Perhaps I should figure out a way to bring that stress level down a bit.
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I talked to my dad for about an hour tonight. One of the things we discussed was Monsters & Music, my current novel writing project. (I also have review writing projects and short story writing projects, not to mention law school projects.) I've sent the first twenty or so chapters to my first readers, which includes Mom and Dad, and though Mom gave me her thoughts on the first ten chapters awhile ago, I hadn't heard from Dad about it.

(Dad is actually one of my subject-matter experts for all my writing, even the stuff that goes under the professional pseudonym; I run all the car details by him starting early in the writing process -- sometimes as early as the outlining stage -- and then have him double check the details. Sometimes this is only a line or two in a short story, though a novel like Werewolves in Love which has a mechanic main character is a lot more work for him. He's also one of my musician consultants, because he's a guitarist.)

The amusing part of all this is that neither of my parents actually likes what I write. I mean, not my work, but the genres and styles. They are both readers, but neither are fans of horror or monsters or paranormal romance or whatever. They don't really read teen fiction, either. Basically, the only reason they read my work is because it's mine, which is really sweet and supportive. I mean, Monsters & Music is teen fiction about a girl who can see the ghosts of murdered people and who ends up in the middle of some werewolf politics, and Dad has pretty much zero interest in any of those things, but was super supportive anyway.

I love that, even though they aren't interested in the genre, they are always eager to read more. My parents are awesome.

This reminds me of a story I shared with [ profile] bewize the other day, but meant to share here, too. I was outlining the end of the chapter I'm currently writing for Monsters & Music and realized there was going to be some serious making out and fooling around. For a moment, I was all, oh, Mom and Dad are going to read that, they're aren't really for sexually active teens, kinda awkward. Then I remembered it was ridiculous to be nervous, because a) I believe in my characters and their actions and support that but also b) they've already read the masturbation scene anyway, so how in the world was kissing awkward?

I'm entertained by us.

I'm sometimes amazed by how close Dad and I are, considering how different our beliefs. I was telling him about Obama speaking at graduation, and made sure to reassure him that it wasn't the same ceremony Dad's attending, because he's not interested in hearing Obama speak, while I'm thrilled about it. For some reason, we started talking about politics, too, and health care reform, and tax reform, which gets us both riled up, but in the end, even though I so deeply disagree with a lot of things, he still supports me completely.

I think the point I'm getting at here is how incredibly lucky I am to have such amazing parents.

Actually, this is sort of an aside to a rant I'm drafting about adoption stories and how frustrated I've been with them in the media these days. I should finish that up and post it, maybe Thursday. (Wednesdays are busy days for me at school.)

Dad actually wanted to talk to me today because he got his passport for our bar trip and was giddy with excitement about it. I'm giddy, too. While we were talking about it, he said he no longer thinks our original schedule is enough, he wants to more than double the time we'll be out together. I told him I was free from August 1 to November 1, so however long he wants to make this roadtrip, I'm game.

Basically, this entry can be summed up as this: My family, totally awesome.
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First, thanks for your kind thoughts about Mom. She got a blood transfusion and has come home sooner than expected.

Second, the last update has been made at [ profile] chimera_fancies' sale post. Get the beautiful jewelry soon, because it's going fast. (I have one on order. It was hard choice after this latest update. I love the one I got, but I also really love a couple of the others: "Ashes and Embers" [though the color is wrong for me], "Better Words" pin, "Too Clever for the Shadow" pin, "Scatter the Bones" pin [which I keep reading as "because the word to enter the holy would shatter the bones"], and "Story to the Stars" pin.)

Third, if you're not reading the stories posted over at [ profile] merry_fates, you are really missing out. I was missing out until today. Here's what happened. I took a break from working on "Monsters & Music" and ended up at [ profile] everflame's website look at the new pictures she added. Then I randomly decided to read whatever she had on her short story page.

At that point, I fell in love with this story: "The Summer Ends in Slaughter," which is a chilling, haunting, beautiful story about sacrifice and blood and bones and death. You will notice these are all things I adore and they are used very well in the story.

Because the story on her website changes, I went to [ profile] merry_fates to find a link to the story so I could share it with you, and have lost far too much time finding stories I want to read. So yes. You should be reading their short fiction and I should get back to work.
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Did you know that [ profile] chimera_fancies has pendants on sale right now? Here is the page, to be updated again in the morning. Her pieces are incredible, so you know. (I owned three at one point, but they were lost in the break-in over the summer, which broke my heart.) I love some the phrases on these ("in love with the robber girl dreaming of needles without thread" and "the star answered I cannot promise part of myself neither within nor without" and "O daughter, like an Amazon, be the Wild reach the heavens" and "you must be a witch born under a lucky star" in particular), but the colors aren't really grabbing me the way the lost three did. Which is good, because I don't actually have any money for jewelry right now.

I hope some of you find lovely things, though.

In other news, Mom is in the hospital again. If I'm distant, that's why.
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I was just talking to [ profile] sunfire1216 about how I found her posts about cleaning and organizing a little every day very inspirational and I wanted to be back in my apartment cleaning and organizing. Then the conversation veered into positive versus negative thoughts and being the change you want to see and I decided that I think I'd like this year to be the year of me attempting to be more positive and the year of me saying yes to things I'd normally immediately say no to doing. I am very antisocial and prefer being alone, but I think I'd like to try to be slightly more social and say yes to more invitations, especially with the big move in the future. We'll see how this goes.

This comes at the end of a fairly frustrating and disheartening day. I've been editing a complaint to Delta Airlines and American Airlines and I've had to take breaks from it because it was so frustrating and terrifying, the way they treated the passenger and her dogs. I can't imagine having lived through it, especially towards the end of the experience.

I also wasn't able to get into the free clinic. They only had one doctor tonight and were only seeing eight patients. Also, even though I can never get through on the phone and they used to only take people on a first-come, first-served basis, they are apparently taking phone reservations now. I will be glad when I have health insurance again, because that's obviously going to happen before this country gets its head out of its ass when it comes to public health care.

Finally, Mom is not doing well, which is always a downer.

On the positive side, Mom and Dad's new dog is this tiny, adorable ball of brown fur. Her name is CoCo and she's so teeny and cute. Dad and I had a nice visit. I've managed to figure out how to end chapter twenty-three of M&M, my current novel-length project, am likely to finish it tonight, and know how chapter twenty-four will begin, at least. (Sure, I haven't figure out the transition scene in the middle of chapter twenty-three, but that's what draft two is for.) I may be working the rest of this week at the glass shop again. I have a giant stein of ice water and a large glass of diet Dr. Pepper to drink. I have the most awesome fingerless gloves ever. Pandora has given me five hours of excellent music in which I have not had to dislike a single song. On the whole, life is good.

Best thing about winter in Missouri is that I can walk outside at night and my eyes automatically find Canis Major. It's too cloudy in Michigan to see it mostly, but I love being able to look up and it being right there. (For those who don't know, I have it tattooed on my right leg. It has meaning for me.)


Have some links! (I have approximately 500 tabs open, NO JOKE, so I need to stop hanging on to these and post them already.)

Justine Larbalestier talks about cover art.

Maggie Stiefvater talks about her top songs of 2009.

Isabel the Spy talks about how Lady GaGa isn't all that subversive when it comes to ideals of beauty.

Quote: i feel like there are limits, maybe, to how “hideous” an extremely skinny blonde white girl can be considered. and this isn’t a critique of gaga herself because it’s true that she for the most part can’t help these things and shouldn’t (though: she did recently say in an interview that she doesn’t eat, make of that what you will). but i see this argument thrown around a lot and i don’t buy it, because she’s still in that safety zone.

or to put it another way: picture a fat woman, or a black woman, or a Latina woman, or a fat black Latina woman, doing ANYTHING that lady gaga has ever done, and tell me people would still be talking about her as some kind of subversive artiste.

Justine Larbalestier talks about the music she listened to while writing Liar.

Drowning in the Shallow End: Third Wave Feminism.

(NB: I am not yet done reading this article, but I thought some of you might be interested.)

Karen Healey wrote a sweet, funny holiday story filled with warmth and light and family and love: Queen of the Kitchen.

(NB: Keep an eye on Karen, she is a fantastic writer and is going far. OMG You guys my friends are AWESOME.)

Thanks to [ profile] mattie, I can never unsee Awkward Family Photos.

Catherynne Valente talks about the all-women authors upcoming Realms of Fantasy issue.

Based on this post by Sigrid Ellis about Vin Diesel, I've realized that I basically play a Vin Diesel-esque character in all my tabletop RPGs, except female. And also that I love the do him/be him dichotomy to my love for Vin Diesel.

V Magazine apparently has a plus-size issue this year? I do not know what V Magazine is or anything about this, but some of the pictures are pretty.

Justine Larbalestier asks for recommendations of books which are like her book Liar. So if you've read Liar and have recs, head over there.

For all my Glee hate, I like this fanvid: They Don't Care About Us, Brittany, Mike, Santana, and Matt. (Though the talking head bits drive me crazy.) I also like this Brittany/Santana vid. Maybe the thing to do is give up watching Glee (which probably I have already done) and instead watch transformative fanvids that address the issues I have with it?

Okay, so I got it down under 300 tabs. Jake's still not home from work (two v. v. long days for him in a row), but I think I am headed to bed soon. Especially if I'm working tomorrow.


Man, I love my cheesy, angry rock SO MUCH.
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I feel like answering questions. I know I have a couple question sets in my inbox, but these from [ profile] rosepurr were the latest and therefore the most accessible. If you'd like a question set, leave me a comment letting me know. I make no promises, but if I have some interesting questions, I'll ask them of you. Also, if you have questions for me, leave them in a comment and I'll answer, though maybe not all of them publicly. Comments are screened.

1. Are you still considering eventually moving into law librarianship?

Yes, I think so. I think this would be something I'd like to do in my retirement, after I am done practicing law full time. (Like my parents, my idea of retirement includes getting a new career.) I enjoy research a lot and quite liked working at the library during undergrad (which wasn't a law library, I realize, and things are different as an actual librarian). If nothing else, I'd like to take some classes on law librarianship at some point. (There's a year long program I'd adore, but it's not possible for me right now.)

2. You seem very tall in the all of the photos I've seen of you. How tall are you?

I'm just over 5'10" and would love to finally reach 6' but I don't think it will happen. At first I was amused by the fact that I appear very tall in photos, but then I realized most of the photos I've posted here have been me with law school friends who are, as a whole, shorter than me. Photos of me with my family present quite a different picture. Of my siblings, I am the second shortest; only one of my older sisters is shorter than me. Both my parents are shorter, too; you can really tell the kids are adopted when you see us together with them.

3. What's your favorite drink?

My favorite soda is diet Dr. Pepper, though I also drink diet Pepsi and diet Coke depending on availability. I am a big fan of tequila, though I don't drink it as much anymore. I like sweet wines, and my favorite is a Missouri wine called Pink Catawba from St. James Winery. I love peppermint mocha lattes made with skim milk. I drink gallons of iced tea, generally unsweetened these days. Law school has taught me that a good martini is a thing of joy.

4. What was your favorite book before you turned 10?

I'm not sure. I don't remember a lot of my childhood clearly, not for any horrible reason but because if I don't write things down, like in this blog, I simply don't remember them well. I do have some clear memories of Mom reading to me. We read lots of books that way, but I particularly remember her reading the Little House on the Prairie books. She has a very particular way of speaking when she reads aloud, and I can remember watching the precise way her mouth formed the words. I also loved Where the Red Fern Grows, in part because I had a hound dog (or, rather, a mixed mutt that was mostly beagle) and so though the story broke my heart, I loved it all the same.

5. How would you describe your high school experience?

I misread this at first as "How would you describe your best high school experience?" and was stymied with all the choices. I had a wonderful time in high school. I was involved in a variety of great activities, I had interesting groups of friends, and I was pretty successful at everything I did. I get frustrated with the assumption in many of my circles now (law school, geeks, gamers, fandom, etc.) that of course, because we're so smart and created, we had horrible experiences in high school. I wouldn't want to relive it, but then I don't want to relive anything. I'm interested in moving forward with life; there's so much more to live. But high school was fun and enjoyable. I think that's part of why I like writing about it.
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My mom says that she remembers me blogging about this arts and crafts link which included carved werewolf pumpkins for sale and other Halloween type stuff for sale. (This may have been an Etsy site and the pumpkins may have been fake.)

I vaguely remember seeing something like this, but for the life of me, can't figure out where it was or where I blogged about it.

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I am really busy right now, as all my trips home end up being despite my best plans, but I wanted to share this tidbit of how awesome my family continues to be. Today Mike and I explained Twilight to Mom and Dad (briefly, mostly focusing on the sparkling) and then Dad created an oral Twilight fanfic.

My family? Totally, totally awesome.

More later.
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Fifty years ago today, right around this time, Dad proposed to Mom. He called her, because he'd just gone into the army, and was about to be sent to Korea (even though he didn't know it right this second then), and proposed. Fifty years ago tomorrow, he spent his one night at Fort Leonard Wood, despite the fact that he tried to get stationed in the Midwest for the entire time he was in the army.

November 1, 2005 will be their fiftieth wedding anniversary.

And my Dad says he sees me as a superhero. Whatever confidence I have comes from him.

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