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Two things, what with gift giving season upon us.

First, one of my sisters and two of our friends have a new jewelry store: Three Cheep Chicks. They have a website with a gallery and an Etsy site. I can vouch for the beauty and sturdiness of their jewelry; I've received a ton of pieces from all three of them this past year, between last year's holidays, my birthday, and graduation. I wore one of their pieces today, actually.

ETA: I wore this piece. Also, remember my octopus necklace obsession? Kris made me one for graduation: OCTOPUS!

Second, [ profile] chimera_fancies has posted a preview of her big holiday sale. These pendants are amazing and I am still heartbroken that I lost all of mine last summer in that break-in.

I am still not online regularly, but I hope maybe to catch up on everything over Thanksgiving weekend.

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First, thanks for your kind thoughts about Mom. She got a blood transfusion and has come home sooner than expected.

Second, the last update has been made at [ profile] chimera_fancies' sale post. Get the beautiful jewelry soon, because it's going fast. (I have one on order. It was hard choice after this latest update. I love the one I got, but I also really love a couple of the others: "Ashes and Embers" [though the color is wrong for me], "Better Words" pin, "Too Clever for the Shadow" pin, "Scatter the Bones" pin [which I keep reading as "because the word to enter the holy would shatter the bones"], and "Story to the Stars" pin.)

Third, if you're not reading the stories posted over at [ profile] merry_fates, you are really missing out. I was missing out until today. Here's what happened. I took a break from working on "Monsters & Music" and ended up at [ profile] everflame's website look at the new pictures she added. Then I randomly decided to read whatever she had on her short story page.

At that point, I fell in love with this story: "The Summer Ends in Slaughter," which is a chilling, haunting, beautiful story about sacrifice and blood and bones and death. You will notice these are all things I adore and they are used very well in the story.

Because the story on her website changes, I went to [ profile] merry_fates to find a link to the story so I could share it with you, and have lost far too much time finding stories I want to read. So yes. You should be reading their short fiction and I should get back to work.
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Did you know that [ profile] chimera_fancies has pendants on sale right now? Here is the page, to be updated again in the morning. Her pieces are incredible, so you know. (I owned three at one point, but they were lost in the break-in over the summer, which broke my heart.) I love some the phrases on these ("in love with the robber girl dreaming of needles without thread" and "the star answered I cannot promise part of myself neither within nor without" and "O daughter, like an Amazon, be the Wild reach the heavens" and "you must be a witch born under a lucky star" in particular), but the colors aren't really grabbing me the way the lost three did. Which is good, because I don't actually have any money for jewelry right now.

I hope some of you find lovely things, though.

In other news, Mom is in the hospital again. If I'm distant, that's why.
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This is the paper that never ends. Never ends. Thousands and thousands of words, but no end.

Shortly I am off to celebrate the end of finals and the birth of a friend, but first I bring you jewelry sales. Beautiful, beautiful jewelry sales. Both of which will be updated, so keep an eye on them.

[ profile] kirarwalker and her father do beaded jewelry and metal jewelry, though so far this sale only includes metal jewelry. I can vouch for both styles. The beadwork is beautiful and detailed, and the metalwork is amazing. I've been wearing one of the metal necklaces and every single person who sees it thinks it is amazing. Sale here.

[ profile] elisem is at it again with another Shinies post. She has a necklace-crown in this one which takes my breath away. I love just reading the titles of her pieces, they are amazing in themselves, and the jewelry is incredible. Sale here.
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Tonight I wore Hellhound on My Trail, which is one of my favorite BPAL scents, ever. It reminded me that I needed to look at this year's Halloween collection, and so here is this post. New scents at BPAL. I tend to only look at it this time of year, because the Halloween and then winter scents are my favorites.

BPAL talk )

I need to go through what I have and sell off the scents I never wear. Which is, sadly, most of them. Many things just don't work on me.

To bed!
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[ profile] elisem is having another sale and I have already fallen in love. I found a pair of earrings I'm considering buying as a gift for someone, but then I saw this.

"A Candle for a Faun"

It's ocean jasper, color-treated cultured pearl, and sterling silver. The ocean jasper is the most beautiful piece of jasper I've ever seen.

I really shouldn't buy it. I'm not in the proper place to be making purchases, especially when I don't know what I'd do with it jewelry-wise. But oh.

I think I'll go to bed. If it's still there in the morning, I'll consider it again.

It's beautiful. It makes me feel like my icon makes me feel. It makes me think of hope.
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[ profile] elisem is having another Shiny Sale! She always has incredible, incredible stuff.

I fell in love with a pair of earrings. Enough that I'm really thinking about whether I could pierce my ears again, whether it might actually work this time. (After all, I've managed to keep the nose piercing open and unscarred for years now.)

"And Oh, Won't That Be A Day" is jasper, glass, and sterling silver. And makes me want to write stories.

Also "Swamp Truth", which is also jasper, glass, and sterling silver, and kind of made my breath catch with the stories in it.

The named pendant "Making Maps in Dream Country" pretty much is the stone referenced in the survivors, monsters, magic, and vampires story [ profile] thestalkycop and I have been writing awhile now. (This is the dodgy foursome story, too. And the adorable lesbians. And the transformation of ice princes to golden girl.) Also lovely is "I See Your Face In Dreams". Both are ocean jasper, of course.

Finally, isn't this an awesome set? Two hairsticks, sold separately or together, but together they are just amazing: "Seaweed Wreathes Her" and "She Dwells Below".

I think [ profile] elisem is adding more to that list, so keep checking back. She's already updated it at least once that I saw, and probably more than that.

I don't know when I became a person who loves handmade jewelry, but I am. I need [ profile] crimson_keys to either set up or link me a website for the work she and her father do, because that is amazing, and you guys should see it.

Back to work now.

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