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Sims 3

Rainbow Legacy (2017)

Gen 1: 1.1, 1.2

Chaos Legacy: An ISBI Challenge (2016)(on hold due to technical difficulties)

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Intro: Previously on the Rainbow Legacy we met our founder, Red Rainbow, a ridiculous, somewhat stereotypical vampire. (The theme of this legacy makes me laugh every time I think about it. I know, I know, I am easily entertained.) She ran around the gorgeous Moonlight Falls in all her red finery, making enemies of half the people she met, and flirting with the other half. So far, no spouse or potential heirs, but Red has her dream career and has made some romantic progress with Helen Hall. After a zombie attack gone awry, we return to Red Rainbow, Ridiculous Vampire.

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LJ vs DW

There's another big move of people from LJ to Dreamwidth. I won't be deleting my LJ account ([ profile] carlamlee is a permanent account, and I have not ever regretted buying it when I did; I've been on LJ since 2001), but I do have a DW account as well (as you can probably tell since I crosspost, but I wanted to make it very clear). You can find me on DW as [personal profile] seeksadventure, and going forward, I will post everything there that I would have posted here. (In recent years, the only thing I haven't cross-posted were the Sims legacy posts, because of some complications with the picture hosting, but I will be cross-posting those as well going forward.)

What I am doing is adding people on DW as they move, and unsubscribing from LJ anyone who I've followed on DW. I'm also debating about whether I will cross-post any locked posts going forward; I don't want to stop, because some of you remain on LJ, and you are important to me.

Sims Update

Speaking of the Sims, as I tried to find my place in the Chaos legacy again, my Sims games crashed. And kept crashing, no matter what custom content I removed or what caches I emptied. So I completely wiped them and reinstalled the game and all the expansion packs I have. Theoretically, I will be able to continue to access the Chaos legacy file, but that has so far not actually worked, but I will keep trying. In the meantime, I have started a shorter legacy to get back into the swing of writing them, and I won't play ahead of where I'm writing, so there will actually be heir polls and the like. First part of that will be coming soon.
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Previously on the Chaos Legacy: Babs went around casting spells on everything and everyone around her in an unending quest to increase her magic skill until she can turn dead people into zombies; Cade, Chazza, and Cesaro grew from feisty children into ridiculous and wonderful teens; the heir race was super tight; Stiles died (oh, god, everyone was so sad, I couldn’t take it – and he was only the first death in the legacy); and they moved into their new house.

This update, we’ll see how Cade, Chazza, and Cesaro handle being teenagers and finally determine an heir.

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Previously on the Chaos legacy: Babs and Anoki had two more babies, the twins Chazza and Cesaro. The Chaos family adopted an adorable stripey cat, Dumpling, and we learned there really is an invisible horse haunting the legacy house. *headdesk* Stiles became the first elder of the legacy, and I braced myself for what we all know is coming.

Three kids. Only one can be heir. Let the games begin!

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Previously on the Chaos legacy: Babs finished the second half of university, where she reconnected with Anoki Moon (why he’s not a werewolf with that name, I do not know. Way to miss a great opportunity, Sims 3!) and they fell in love. After her heartbreak with Samantha Grey (who actually was a werewolf), it was nice how easily the relationship progressed with Anoki. (I particularly love them bowling together.) Pretty much everyone Babs had ever met turned up for graduation (except for Stiles, I realize, which – way to fail at being a Sims dad, Stiles!*), but Abby stole the show by streaking during the ceremony. Oh, Abby, former torch-holder, I love you so much! Babs moved back to the legacy house, and very quickly married Anoki and became pregnant with the first of generation three. (She was just as pukey during pregnancy as everything else, of course, and Babs by far holds the record of how many times I’ve ever seen a Sim throw up. Unfortunately. Neither of us enjoy it much.) The last update, and the generation two updates, ended with the birth of Cade, the first potential heir of generation three, who is excitable and athletic.

(*Definitely only a knock to Sim parenting. Real world parents have billions of reasons they might not be able to attend graduation. My mom was hospitalized right before I graduated from law school, and so not only could my parents not attend, even though they’d been planning their trip since the day I moved to Michigan to start school, but only one of my siblings was able to show up, with her husband and J along too. It was really disappointing, but I felt worse for my parents than I did for myself.)

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Previously on the Chaos Legacy: We said good-bye to Abby as the torch-holder (and I spent a great deal of time typing her name and then having to edit it to read “Babs” instead, because I miss her), and to Brandon as a regular character (spoiler: I thought he would show up around town, but we have, alas, seen the last of Brandon in the game. In later generations, I am trying to be better at inviting the spares over to the legacy house, because they don’t turn up in town the same way they seem to in Sims 2). Babs the Heir took over as torch-holder and headed off to the first half of university, where she lived in a women’s dorm filled with the messiest Sims I’ve ever seen, dated a werewolf (as with her mother’s first partner, it went badly) and passed all her classes with flying colors (she had five classes), celebrated at the beach, and was cheered by the people around her as she left for summer break at home.

(S3 University sends the Sims home between sessions, but you don’t actually have to wait before reenrolling, so there isn’t anything to see from her brief time at home.)

Babs is back for the second half of university, which is much shorter with a much lighter schedule (three classes, one rabbit-hole, one lecture, and one activity). I’m not worried about how Babs will do in her classes, because she kicked ass last time with way more to do, but I am a little concerned about the lack of spouse after the fiasco that was dating Samantha the Werewolf.

Good luck, Babs. I’m counting on you to ensure generation three exists.

Babs: Oh, no pressure then, right?


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Previously on the Chaos Legacy: Brandon and Babs sailed through childhood and their teenage years, in a super tight race for heir. They spent nearly all their time together studying and playing as children, but the second they became teens and their magic kicked in, that’s pretty much all anyone wanted to do. Lots of family magic time in the Chaos house. I had no idea who would become heir, right up until Babs cast ice blast on Stiles and turned her father into a giant block of ice (he melted! And then had to clean up the puddles from his melt after he was no longer a block of ice!) and then read the werewolf book that Abby so loved in the very beginning of the legacy, and cinched the lead for herself. Despite self-wettings, pass-outs, and far too many burned meals, Brandon and Babs grew up well. Now Brandon has moved out on his own to pursue his dreams, and we’re off to university with Babs.

May god have mercy on our souls. S3 University is hard.

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Previously on the Chaos Legacy: Abby had the first self-wetting of the legacy, Brandon spent a great deal of time charming his way into my heart and the lead of the heir race before his sister, Babs, was able to show off her personality, and Babs finally grew up into a child, where the heir race has really, truly began (even though I said it began last time when Babs was born, because nope, I dislike babies and toddlers so much it doesn’t really begin until they are all children).

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Previously on the Chaos legacy: Abby and Stiles had their first baby, a boy named Brandon, and after a far too long babyhood and toddlerdom, he became a child. Then they had their second (and last) baby, a girl named Babs, and the heir race truly began.

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Previously on the Chaos Legacy: Abby and Stiles got right to work producing potential heirs, and continued to be unbelievably competent, autonomously cleaning and cooking and using the toilet and taking themselves to bed when they are tired. GOOD GRIEF, PEOPLE, THIS IS AN ISBI, RIGHT?! The update ended with baby Brandon’s birth, and that’s where we’ll pick up.

(Note: I have the baby and toddler stages set to the minimum of two days, because I hate babies and toddlers.)

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Previously on the Chaos Legacy: Abby took a trip to the beach to cheer herself up after that whole fiasco with Xander There’s-a-Poison-Apple-with-Your-Name-On-It Clavell, where she met Stiles McGraw. They took a shine to each other, so after she continued with her autonomous cleaning and skilling for awhile, they ended up dating, getting engaged, and getting married. Now Abby’s feeling a little weird, and I’m hoping pregnancy is looming for them.

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cover 1.2

Previously on the Chaos Legacy: Abby Chaos is a witch obsessed with cleanliness and solitude, working her way up the medical career and trying to be a little more logical each day. She had a whirlwind romance with Xander Harris Clavell, but his fear of commitment broke her heart. Beware crossing a witch, Xander. There’s a poison apple with your name on it.

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Last week I posted a Sims 3 ISBI legacy over on LJ. More updates will come, but as I was playing earlier, I realized I could hear a horse frantically whinnying over and over, but when I went looking, I couldn't find the horse. A couple days ago, I expanded the house I'm using for the legacy, and I think, somehow, a horse got trapped inside it while I was in building mode, but now I can't find it to get rid of it.

There is an invisible horse haunting my Sims, and I am cracking up about it.

(Though I'll be pretty unhappy if I have to move them to a new lot. I just finished all sorts of changes to this house!)
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Chaos Legacy cover

Opening: I’ve been playing Sims regularly for years, at least since Sims 2 was first released, but I’ve never actually tried to write up anything before, mostly because I am a super impatient player. I don’t use hacks or custom content, I don’t take pictures, I don’t do anything but play and sometimes text my BFF with ridiculous things my Sims have done. (One time, a horse walked through a wall, got stuck in the house, and I had to destroy half the side to get it back out again. BFF got plenty of texts after that.) (Also, one time a werewolf and a fairy had babies, and I wanted them to be Fair Wolves.) (Didn’t happen.)

But I’ve been reading [ profile] alittlestrange's and [ profile] thestalkysims' legacies, and they’ve inspired me to give it a try myself. I’m doing an ISBI challenge for this legacy, because I have plenty of other games where I play all the Sims, but I don’t think I’ve ever continued playing an ISBI legacy past the first or second generation. Too impatient. We’ll see how this goes.

I'm even more grateful for all the entertainment I've experienced reading legacies, because it is a ton of work. I thought it would be a lot of work, but it is even more than I ever expected. My hat's off to all the people who do this regularly, and all the joy they bring their readers.

Note: I play on a laptop, and don’t have an external mouse, so my angle control is spotty, which definitely shows up in the photos. I don’t have custom content (though, as you’ll see, there are some hacks that I’m considering), and I play with the walls partially down most of the time. This is my first time trying to take Sim photos. It’s a struggle. Also, I cuss quite a bit, though I’ve toned it down in my writing.

You could say I’m tempting fate by calling this the Chaos Legacy. In fact, I am intentionally tempting fate. Bring on the chaos!

(Spoiler: Part one has very little chaos, alas.)

More than 100 pictures and nearly 4000 words in this first part. Let’s do this.

Chaos Legacy )
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Some links in this post are affiliate links, which means if you click the link, I receive a small benefit without any additional cost to you.


Still reading WHAT WE LEFT BEHIND by Robin Talley and just started TOUCHED by Michelle Sagara, which is the sequel to SILENCE, which I loved. (Review here.)


Had a mini-reunion with some of my law school bffs over the Fourth, and we went to see Magic Mike XXL. I haven't watched the first one, but XXL is ridiculous amounts of fun. Watching it brought more joy than any other movie I've watched this year, despite my love of the Marvel cinematic universe and Jurassic Park series. Surprised the hell out of me that it was one of the most body positive movies I've seen lately, too.


Pretty Little Liars: I'm racing through season five. Each time I sit down, I plan to watch one episode during lunch, and then I end up watching two or three in a row. I don't even care where this story is going (well, more or less), I love the ride. The second half of the season has me filled with chosen family feelings. I love how those girls love each other and the people important to them. (Except for Ezra. Ezra can disappear any time.)


The road trip home from Chicago was basically All Covers All the Time because I found out J had never heard any of the "Radioactive" covers, so I played them, and then of course my second favorite song to be covered, "Bad Moon Rising." (My favorite is "Carol of the Bells" but I didn't have any on my device.)

Radioactive: Imagine Dragons, Pentatonix and Lindsey Stirling cover, and the Dirty Tees mix.

Bad Moon Rising: Mourning Ritual and Thea Gilmore.


No time to play because of Chicago road trip + reunion, but we finally got the band back together for some Rock Band, so that was pretty epic.

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