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So a friend of mine has a way of getting me hooked on reality tv shows. I almost never watch them on my own, but she got me watching Celebrity Apprentice (but mostly only with her, because I love our snarky comments) and now I'm watching The Biggest Loser, another show she watches and sometimes tells me about. I'm not watching it with her, so I'm not sure why I'm watching it, but I just finished my workout and am sitting down to finish an outline of a new short story.

I have some thoughts about Biggest Loser. I'm not sure I can keep watching it because of these thoughts. I'm sure other people have had these thoughts and I probably missed a lot of discussion when the show was new. Still, I have thoughts.

1) I absolutely hate all these people talking about how their loves -- particularly their love lives -- can't begin until they've lost the weight. This is bullshit, y'all. All these people talking about how they've never dated, they've never had lives, being fat has ruined their lives, etc. Yeah, I get that people who are happy being fat a) aren't going to be on the show and b) even if they are, anything positive they say will be edited out, but damn.

2) Actually, I'd like to read about more of the health issues of what this show does to contestants. I have some thoughts about it and the way it really isn't sustainable once they leave the ranch. Also, I know it's not actually about being healthier, etc., but about putting on a dramatic show. I mean, why else would they a) pretend to kick off two teams the night they get there, before they've ever even see the house? That's obviously not about "getting healthier" and "losing weight" but about getting viewers. Especially when they b) aren't really kicking them off but instead are sending them home to lose weight for a month and then come back, so they aren't really off the show. (Though I'm actually glad these two teams aren't off the show, because they're my two favorite teams so far.)

3) So I've never worked with a trainer, because hello, poor, but I'm pretty sure I don't want a trainer who is going to be snarky about my size. I am unimpressed with the trainers attitudes so far.

4) The show really wants to perpetuate the idea that if you're fat you know absolutely nothing about working out or being healthy. Because of course, you can't be fat and be working out hardcore on your own. This is also bullshit, y'all.

5) I love the getting the anger out with the boxing gloves and heavy bag thing. This is what I miss most about pre-law school life. (I've already found a boxing gym for when I move.)

Okay, I need to finish this outline, write the second draft of a proposal for one of my editors, and then do some more bar review.

ETA: [ profile] seanan_mcguire talks about bra shopping and fat shaming and the Lane Bryant ad.
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While I am adding books to my Library Thing account and then putting them away, I thought I would make a post about the books I bought today. The Borders store in the mall here is closing and I hit the 60%-80% sales, which included the bargain section.

Will the Real Raisin Rodriquez Please Stand Up? by Judy Goldschmidt
where i want to be by Adele Griffin (Which I thought I'd read from the library, but apparently already own. Damn.)
grief girl by Erin Vincent
The Rules for Hearts by Sara Ryan
Speed Dating (A Dating Game novel for my collection) by Natalie Standiford
The Coyote Road Trickster Tales edited by Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling
Tempest Rising by Nicole Peeler
Shadow Kiss by Richelle Mead
Kiss Me Kill Me by Lauren Henderson
By Blood We Live edited by John Joseph Adams (a collection of vampire stories with a cover that totally plays off The Lost Boys)
Girl, Going on 17 Pants on Fire by Sue Limb
10 lucky things that have happened to me since I nearly got hit by lightning by Mary Hershey


It took me half an hour online and on the phone trying to find out where I needed to pick up my held mail (USPS, not all that helpful in this), and then I grabbed today's mail only to find a note that not only had they tried to deliver it to me (they weren't supposed to do that) but they'd dropped it off at my apartment complex office (which is standard operating procedure for mail too large for our mailboxes). All that work for nothing, but at least I have my mail.

(I still have a box of mail that arrived before I left for the holidays, too, but I haven't unpacked it yet.)

For my birthday, [ profile] das_hydra sent me a pendant from Wyrding Studios on a cord of hand-spun silk. The pendant is called "wishing-star" and it is absolutely amazing. I stopped breathing when I opened it and I keep reaching over to touch it. Thank you again, taB! (She didn't even confetti me in the card. I open her cards gingerly because I know her wily ways, except apparently this time she was out to trick me into caution. WILY!)

[ profile] aea sent me The Encyclopedia of the Motorcycle, which is an amazing collection of information. I keep opening it to random pages and basking at the sheer amount of motorcycle information at my fingertips. This is going to be a fantastic asset to my writing. Thank you again!

[ profile] lilacsigil and [ profile] st_aurafina sent me an amazing box of Australian candies. God, there are these chewy mint pieces that are unbelievably delicious. Mint! Joy! I look forward to rationing out this fantastic candy throughout the gray winter months. Thank you again, dears!

(I've put all the card-shaped things into a pile, because I know I have more cards in that packed box of pre-holiday mail.)

My mail has been crap throughout 2009, so if you sent me something (in a package, not a card envelope) and I haven't listed it here, I never received it.


I have had a headache all day and I keep feeling like I'm going to be sick. I think I might take myself to bed soon, despite how early it is. Tomorrow is another day for unpacking and organizing and writing, though I doubt I'm actually going to make that submission deadline, unfortunately.
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I was just talking to [ profile] sunfire1216 about how I found her posts about cleaning and organizing a little every day very inspirational and I wanted to be back in my apartment cleaning and organizing. Then the conversation veered into positive versus negative thoughts and being the change you want to see and I decided that I think I'd like this year to be the year of me attempting to be more positive and the year of me saying yes to things I'd normally immediately say no to doing. I am very antisocial and prefer being alone, but I think I'd like to try to be slightly more social and say yes to more invitations, especially with the big move in the future. We'll see how this goes.

This comes at the end of a fairly frustrating and disheartening day. I've been editing a complaint to Delta Airlines and American Airlines and I've had to take breaks from it because it was so frustrating and terrifying, the way they treated the passenger and her dogs. I can't imagine having lived through it, especially towards the end of the experience.

I also wasn't able to get into the free clinic. They only had one doctor tonight and were only seeing eight patients. Also, even though I can never get through on the phone and they used to only take people on a first-come, first-served basis, they are apparently taking phone reservations now. I will be glad when I have health insurance again, because that's obviously going to happen before this country gets its head out of its ass when it comes to public health care.

Finally, Mom is not doing well, which is always a downer.

On the positive side, Mom and Dad's new dog is this tiny, adorable ball of brown fur. Her name is CoCo and she's so teeny and cute. Dad and I had a nice visit. I've managed to figure out how to end chapter twenty-three of M&M, my current novel-length project, am likely to finish it tonight, and know how chapter twenty-four will begin, at least. (Sure, I haven't figure out the transition scene in the middle of chapter twenty-three, but that's what draft two is for.) I may be working the rest of this week at the glass shop again. I have a giant stein of ice water and a large glass of diet Dr. Pepper to drink. I have the most awesome fingerless gloves ever. Pandora has given me five hours of excellent music in which I have not had to dislike a single song. On the whole, life is good.

Best thing about winter in Missouri is that I can walk outside at night and my eyes automatically find Canis Major. It's too cloudy in Michigan to see it mostly, but I love being able to look up and it being right there. (For those who don't know, I have it tattooed on my right leg. It has meaning for me.)


Have some links! (I have approximately 500 tabs open, NO JOKE, so I need to stop hanging on to these and post them already.)

Justine Larbalestier talks about cover art.

Maggie Stiefvater talks about her top songs of 2009.

Isabel the Spy talks about how Lady GaGa isn't all that subversive when it comes to ideals of beauty.

Quote: i feel like there are limits, maybe, to how “hideous” an extremely skinny blonde white girl can be considered. and this isn’t a critique of gaga herself because it’s true that she for the most part can’t help these things and shouldn’t (though: she did recently say in an interview that she doesn’t eat, make of that what you will). but i see this argument thrown around a lot and i don’t buy it, because she’s still in that safety zone.

or to put it another way: picture a fat woman, or a black woman, or a Latina woman, or a fat black Latina woman, doing ANYTHING that lady gaga has ever done, and tell me people would still be talking about her as some kind of subversive artiste.

Justine Larbalestier talks about the music she listened to while writing Liar.

Drowning in the Shallow End: Third Wave Feminism.

(NB: I am not yet done reading this article, but I thought some of you might be interested.)

Karen Healey wrote a sweet, funny holiday story filled with warmth and light and family and love: Queen of the Kitchen.

(NB: Keep an eye on Karen, she is a fantastic writer and is going far. OMG You guys my friends are AWESOME.)

Thanks to [ profile] mattie, I can never unsee Awkward Family Photos.

Catherynne Valente talks about the all-women authors upcoming Realms of Fantasy issue.

Based on this post by Sigrid Ellis about Vin Diesel, I've realized that I basically play a Vin Diesel-esque character in all my tabletop RPGs, except female. And also that I love the do him/be him dichotomy to my love for Vin Diesel.

V Magazine apparently has a plus-size issue this year? I do not know what V Magazine is or anything about this, but some of the pictures are pretty.

Justine Larbalestier asks for recommendations of books which are like her book Liar. So if you've read Liar and have recs, head over there.

For all my Glee hate, I like this fanvid: They Don't Care About Us, Brittany, Mike, Santana, and Matt. (Though the talking head bits drive me crazy.) I also like this Brittany/Santana vid. Maybe the thing to do is give up watching Glee (which probably I have already done) and instead watch transformative fanvids that address the issues I have with it?

Okay, so I got it down under 300 tabs. Jake's still not home from work (two v. v. long days for him in a row), but I think I am headed to bed soon. Especially if I'm working tomorrow.


Man, I love my cheesy, angry rock SO MUCH.
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[ profile] karenhealey blogged about some books she purchased. I recognized one of the covers ( because I just read it) and started to leave a comment. Then - well, here you go.

I just read Vacations from Hell the other day because earlier this year I read Prom Nights from Hell and really enjoyed it.

So funny story. I started this comment and then went to check my Books Read lists to make sure I had the title and date read correct and apparently I have never read this, because I don't recognize any of the stories mentioned in the synopsis on Amazon, I'm pretty sure I would remember reading a short story by Stephenie Meyer, and I can't find it on any of my Books Read lists.

So basically, I imagined reading this book. And apparently it had totally different stories in it - or, at least not the Meyer story.

Oh, crazy brain, so freaky.

Yeah. I don't really have anything else to say to that. False memories and big blank spaces have been happening more frequently these days. Though big blank spaces doesn't really describe it well, because you'd think I would notice a big blank space, but no, most of the time I learn about these things because someone will tell me, Carla, don't you remember when we did this or talked about that, and I say, You're making shit up. To make things worse, I don't know if this is a part of the bipolar (you know, losing things in the mood swings) or something else. My bet is on something else.

I went in search of a quote while writing this part of it, and at least this time I remembered correctly.

"It must be a terrible thing not to be able to trust your own mind." from Fringe season one



I am not sure how I can go to the library multiple times in one week and still walk out with 30+ books each time. Mostly YA fiction. Mostly found after less than 10 minutes in the section. (Well, this time about half the books were werewolf books I requested online, but generally I find the books I want by browsing.) The librarians are starting to know me, and I only talk to them when I have trouble checking out a book (because I break electronic things frequently), so not even once every trip.

I miss getting to buy all the books I want, but I'll graduate soon enough and can start putting the books I liked (and that's most of them, let's be honest, even books I find problematic I frequently enjoy) into my personal library.
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There was just a gunshot from somewhere to the east of my apartment building. I believe I may have reached the manic stage I like to call Will Not Survive a Horror Movie because my first thought was to go investigate the noise! It's dark out! And cloudy! And cold! And almost the new moon! I'll be right back!

Most days, I've got a good chance of survival, but some days...some days I am not the final girl.

I'm writing an outline for entertainment law (or, well, my half of it, a friend wrote the first half) but I think I'm going to take a break and go play a computer game. I'm thinking Civ4.

Or maybe I'll go walk in the darkness. I tend to pace under the full moon, not the nearly new, but I've had a strange month, mentally.
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Can't sleep, so I'm watching movie trailers. This happens once a month or so, but I don't usually talk about it. Chronicles of Narnia looks interesting, and I am starting to have the hope that they will do it justice. Miss Congeniality 2 looks dumb, of course, but one part did make me laugh, so I'll watch it when it comes on television, I'm sure. They made a sequel to xXx and it doesn't have Vin Diesel in it; instead, they have some new triple x and in the tradition of sequels that cut out his character (The Fast and the Furious comes to mind) I will not be watching it, which is vaguely disappointing, as I could use a good, mindless action movie. However, as Keya knows, The Pacifier may make up for that lack. Kids or not, he's still damn hot in the trailer and it made me laugh. Would be much better to watch it with her, though, because we'd crack each other up in the theater and embarrass Dad #2. Much like we did when we saw Resident Evil and watched a Vin Diesel trailer (I want to say for xXx) and we both made the same noise when he first came on the screen, and I think Dad #2 was truly disturbed by us. But it was fun and funny.

And, um, now that I've watched a Vin Diesel trailer, I'm ready to go to bed. Hmmm.

One more day until vacation and then I can write and watch movies and enjoy myself. Woo.

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