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I have been reviewing things lately. Here are links to those reviews.

For [ profile] karenhealey's recent Reviewathon fundraiser, I reviewed
+ Urban Decay's Deluxe Shadow Box, Honda Shadows, Sons of Anarchy, D.E.B.S., and The Squad by Jennifer Lynn Barnes, and
+ Hellcats, which Karen and I reviewed together in a conversation format.

I am reviewing The Vampire Diaries for Innsmouth Free Press again this season. Here are my reviews so far.
+ Lies and Lying Liars: Review of The Vampire Diaries 2.1: “The Return”
+ Carnivals and Boardwalks, Prime Hunting Grounds: The Vampire Diaries 2.02: “Brave New World”
+ A Howling Good Time: A Review of The Vampire Diaries 2.03: “Bad Moon Rising”

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I hate Michigan. I turned on the heat Saturday, which is way too early to need heat. It's only October. (Though last year I turned it on October 1, so at least I made it a few more days.) Only one last winter here, thankfully.

I'm not here to complain about the cold, though! I'm here with a publications update.

My reviews of The Vampire Diaries are going up regularly, even though I don't link to them here each week. Here's the set so far:

+ Gossip Girl Gets Fangs? The Successes and Failures of The Vampire Diaries 1.01 "Pilot"
+ Harbingers of Doom are Super Romantic: Themes of The Vampire Diaries 1.02 "The Night of the Comet"
+ Pun Already Provided: The Vampire Diaries 1.03 "Friday Night Bites"
+ Sometimes Vampires Burn in the Sun. Sometimes They Don't. The Vampire Diaries 1.04 "Family Ties"
+ Never Ages? Bites Girls? Drains Blood? What Are You Again? The Vampire Diaries 1.05 "You're Undead to Me"

I'm really having fun with this show, which surprised me. It's making me think about pacing and storytelling a lot, and at times it's just plain fun.

Finally, I've been adding Halloween icons. Yay Halloween! I bought caramel apple suckers earlier when I went to pick up more tissues. I've been watching horror movies like crazy. Halloween episodes on some of my favorite shows will soon air. I think we're going haunted housing this weekend.
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I reviewed The Vampire Diaries 1.01 "Pilot" over at Innsmouth Free Press: Gossip Girl Gets Fangs? The Successes and Failures of The Vampire Diaries"

Excerpt: Basically, the trailers were exactly what I expected from a teen vampire show on the CW, but not really what I wanted after reading the books. This was exacerbated when I saw the still advertisements, in particular the one where the image was focused tightly on Elena’s face and one vampire had his hand around her throat and the other vampire stroked her cheek. Though it could have been a consensual display of dominance and violence, the image itself gave us nothing of that. Instead, it showed Elena helpless, on the verge of tears, and simply waiting for whatever fate was to become of her. I hated this as an advertisement in general, but in particular, for stripping Elena’s agency from her. When I read the books, one of the things that struck me was the way she actually acted: she didn’t simply wait for the vampires (or the boys, before she knew they were vampires) to come to her. She wasn’t a helpless victim, she fought back no matter what went on around her. With that stripped out of the advertisement, I worried the creators would strip it out of the show, too, because it wasn’t what the creators thought would attract viewers.
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I would really like to be smoking (probably menthol cloves) right now and drinking Coronas out in the darkness until I can't overthink things anymore, but instead I played computer games for awhile, watched The Vampire Diaries pilot for the second, third, and fourth times while finishing my review, and am working on the rewrite of "Rock and Roll Love Story" which will be at least partially in first person. I've never finished anything longer than a short story in first person. I'm not sure why I decided this was the way to go.

I am at least being a productive person instead of driving out into the middle of nowhere to party, but I would much rather have the ability to do that. Or at least to be sitting on one of the porches in Missouri smoking and drinking.
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Originally posted at my website here.

As a part of The Vampire Diaries Week at Innsmouth Free Press, and to introduce me as the reviewer of TVD season one, my article "Pleasure and Pain: The Good and the Bad of The Vampire Diaries" is now available at IFP.

In it, I briefly review the first four books of TVD, talk about why I love horror, and mention The Lost Boys, my favorite vampire movie, quite a few times. I also talk about werewolves, because no matter how awesome vampires are, I love werewolves best of all.

Basically, I really enjoyed a couple of the books and I'm looking forward to reviewing the show. Innsmouth Free Press will be publishing my episode reviews a few days after each episode airs.

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