May. 16th, 2018

seeksadventure: (Sons of Anarchy great wide open)
I'm headed back to Wiscon! This year, I'll be there from sometime Thursday afternoon through Tuesday morning. Let me know if you'll be there and you want to get together! My email is, and email is always the best way to reach me, but if you need my cell number, I'm happy to give that out too. (For Wiscon, but in general, too. If you want to be able to text me, let me know!)

I'm not doing a workshop this year, but I am on two panels.

Friday 230 - 345: The Unglamorous Life: Depression And Creativity: Depression is glamorized in media as this wonderful creative tool that gives artists some kind of insight into the deeper aspects of life. But how does depression work in real life with creative people? Is it a hindrance? A source of inspiration? Or just another tool in the artist's toolbox? M: Meghan Khoury. Kimber Gonzalez, Clara Cecilia Abnet Holden, Ana Hurtado, Carla M Lee

Saturday 230 - 345: Raising Our Voices: Podcasting as a medium has been heralded as the next talk radio, a democratization of social and political discussion space. But most of the well-known and popular speculative fiction podcasts feature and are created by white men. In this panel, we will look at how to promote marginalized voices in this space and how we should critique our listening choices. M: Renay. Rachel S Cordasco, Ellen Kuehnle, Ellen Kuehnle, Carla M Lee

I'm staying at the host hotel again this year (with Robyn Fleming this time) and can't wait to see everyone!

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